Happy Back to School,

       My name is Ms. Studer and I will be your second grade teacher this year!  Second grade is a big year and you will learn a lot.  You will learn about Native Americans and Japan. You will read A LOT!  You will add and subtract three digit numbers, and write about small moments, your opinions, and what you know a lot about.  Finally, you will learn how to build houses, all about beavers, and how to be a scientist.

      I hope you had a lot of fun this summer and are ready to come back and make new memories in Second Grade.  This summer I spent a lot of time playing with my kitties Squiggly and Mogwai.  They love to be naughty and get into things they should not.  They especially love hunting flies.  You will hear a lot about them during this school year when I write my small moment stories.

      We will also have some other faces in school with us.  Ms. Nandy will be our student teacher until November, and Miss Busch will be helping us three afternoons per week. Miss Busch wants to go to college to be a teacher and will be learning a lot from you.

      On the next page is a note from Ms. Nandy just for you!  I hope you enjoy the last little bit of summer, and I can’t wait to see your smiling faces so, so soon.  








      My name is Ms. Nandy. I am a student at Eastern Connecticut State University, studying Early Childhood Education. Even though my days in your class would only be for a short period of time, I would try to learn as much from all of you. Since I think, second graders are powerhouses of knowledge and hope you all will share your learning with me, and so will I.

       I am looking forward to the first day of school when I see you all in your second grade classroom. Hope you all had a wonderful summer. Mine was lot of work this time. I still tried to make the most out of it with couple of beach visits, taking my children out for some outdoor fun, lots of ice-creams and seeing our friends.

      I live in Ellington with my husband and our two sons, Shreyan and Shreesh. Shreyan is six year old and starting second grade this fall, just like you! Shreesh is nine months old, just a little baby! I never miss a chance to talk about my children. Playing, painting, and reading, with my children are some of my favorite things to do. I would also love to know about your favorite things, so please do not forget to share.

      Now it is only a few days wait until school opens and I am wishing for another wonderful year of learning and sharing. Have fun the rest of your summer. See you all on the first day of school. 


Ms. Nandy