Classroom Information

Cartoon Book 

Agendas will be sold to students to use for homework, notes to parents, school notices and reminders. They should bring it home everyday and return it to school. All students have a green homework folder. 

 Snacks  Bag lunch We will have snack time each morning around 10:15 AM. Parents are encouraged to send a nutritious snack. This should not replace a good breakfast.
 Birthdays Cake 

Birthdays are important to the children at Birch Grove School. This year students will not be allowed to bring cupcakes and other food to school on their birthdays. However, we would like to recognize your child's special day and each classroom teacher is planning new ways to celebrate this day.

 Book Club Bookworm Monthly Scholastic Book Club Orders will be sent home. Many reasonable, appropriate leveled books are offered. Delivery is usually two weeks after ordering deadline.
 at Home
 Boy Reading Parents and students are encouraged to participate in Reading At Home. Second graders are capable of reading a great many books, and also enjoy being read to.
 Field Trips Bus on the road  A separate letter will be sent home regarding field trips. The approximate cost of field trips for the year will be $30.