Classroom Information
Classroom RoutinesCartoon Kids.png  Morning Check-in: Each morning when your child comes into the classroom, they unpack and come check in with me. During this time we say good morning and then we talk about something that is important to them. This can be anything they want to share with me (something they did over the weekend, a new toy they got, they aren’t feeling well, etc). 

Our day starts with morning meeting, greeting, sharing, and calendar activities. This is a great way to build our classroom community. We do reading groups, writing, math, fundations, and specials daily. We make learning fun! 
Agenda/Take-home folders
Each child will receive an agenda that will be used daily to record homework information and other important information. This agenda should return to school each day. Please read and initial each entry nightly, so I know that you have read it. 

A take-home folder will also come home nightly and should be returned to school each day. Please check this folder nightly for homework, completed and corrected work, or important notices. At times I may send home unfinished work for your child to complete so that it doesn't carry over into the next day of learning. If at any time your child feel's frustrated about their homework, please let me know so that I can do my best to help him/her be successful. 

Agendas/take-home folders may be used for parent communication. 

**It is your child's responsibility to bring the agenda and take-home folder (with their reading log) to and from school each day. Please encourage them to put these items in their backpack at night to help them stay organized and responsible.
Homework   Your child's nightly homework is to read and practice their math facts to 20 (18+1=19, 20-4=16) to help them become automatic. I expect your child to read at home for at least 15 minutes each night and record this on their reading log.

Your child will have some additional homework during the week in different areas of the curriculum. Part of your child's homework may include unfinished work from the school day so that the word doesn't carry over into the next day's learning. Homework should be completed and returned the next day unless otherwise noted. 

Throughout the year there will be some fun at-home projects that 
pertain to our different units of study. 

If you have any questions about the homework, please reach out to me. If at any time your child becomes frustrated with their homework, please let me know so that I can do my best to help him/her be successful. 
Reading at home
A reading log will be sent home in your child's "take-home folder" nightly. Please help your child complete the reading log nightly, initial it and return it to school daily. I will check the reading log each morning during "check-in." Your child should aim to read at least 15 minutes per night to continue to grow as a reader. Nightly reading is vital to a child's reading success!

We will have a snack each morning. Please provide a quick, yet nutritious snack for your child to enjoy during snack time. Food and drink should be something the child can open by him or herself. 

Birthdays are special days at Birch Grove and in our classroom! Due to our no-food policy, please do not send in food for your child's birthday. To celebrate this special day, your child may send in non-food items such as pencils, their favorite book, or donate to our classroom library. We will sing the Happy Birthday Song at Morning Meeting!  
 Classroom Newsletters  I will send home a monthly newsletter at the beginning of each month to keep you informed of classroom objectives and important events. 
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