Arrival 8:30-8:50
Students unpack their backpacks, bring their folder to the teacher for morning check-in, and bring their pencil box to their seat.

Morning Announcements 8:55-9:00
Pledge and a moment of silence

Reading Block 9:00-9:45
Reading groups: students work in small groups and practice strategic reading skills, letters, and letter sounds. 
Reader's Workshop: Students learn a new strategic reading skill and practice it. 

Morning Meeting 9:45-10:00
Greeting, sharing, calendar activities, community building activity

Snack 10:00-10:10

Fundations 10:10-10:40
A language program that provides direct instruction in letters, letter sounds, handwriting, and other foundational reading and writing skills.

Science/Social Studies 10:45-11:05

Specials 11:10-11:50
Library, Art, Music, Gym 

Read Aloud 11:55-12:10

Lunch 12:15-12:45
Recess 12:45-1:15

Writer's Workshop 1:20-2:15
Narrative, Information and Opinion writing 

Math 2:15-3:10
Beginning math concepts such as counting, matching, and simple addition

Pack up & Dismissal 3:10-3:15
Students put their pencil boxes away and pack their backpacks to go home