Mrs. D'Agata

Mrs. D'Agata

Grade 2
Room # E19
860-870-6750 ext: 30219

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Welcome to second grade! This is my 4th year of teaching and 5th year at Birch Grove. I graduated from the University of New Haven in 2014 with a Masters degree in elementary education. In addition, I have a B.A. in history and a minor in music. 

Second grade has always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy the age and teaching the curriculum. I am looking forward to getting to know each student and helping them learn and grow. You will often hear me use the words persevere, respect and responsibility. 

I decided to become a teacher because of the many inspiring educators I have had throughout my life. I love to teach and watch students learn new and exciting things. I hope I can be as inspiring to others as those who inspired me.