General Library Information

Visiting the Library

Preschool students visit the library for a 20 minute class once a week.

Kindergarten, first and second grades visit every fourth day for 40 minutes.


Borrowing Books

Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one (1) book or magazine of their choice. Second grade students are allowed to check out two items (books or magazines) at a time.

Books must be returned before students are allowed to check out further items. Reminders are sent home with children who have forgotten their book(s) to assist in returning them the next school day.

Students should return their books on the following library day.  Students may visit the library in the morning before morning announcements any day of the week for a quick book swap.


Additional Information

Lost or damaged items need to be replaced or paid for.

Circulation will cease a couple of weeks before the end of the school year so that late books may be returned, and lost/damaged items replaced or paid for.