Classroom Information
bag Agenda Books

Agenda books will come home daily. The agenda is a terrific vehicle that facilitates daily communication between home and school. Parents are asked to sign/initial their child's agenda each night by the date on the left side of the page. Homework and class news items will be written by the children each day in class. Trick Words will be listed weekly in the agenda for ongoing spelling practice at home.

worm Homework

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday each week. Homework should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Assignments should be completed in pencil crayons, pens, or markers should be used unless an assignment directs that such tools are necessary! Parents can help children to complete homework assignments by providing a quiet place to work. Finished homework should be stored inside the agenda.

Students should read nightly, independently or with other family members. Reading at home DOES make a difference.  Ongoing math fact practice will help students rapidly access sums and differences and will make learning new skills and concepts during lessons easier.

bag Snack/Lunch We will have a snack each morning. If parents wish to send in a snack, please consider the positive benefits of a nutritious snack when making a selection. Lunch is scheduled daily at 11:55.
globe Supply List A supply list for the year will be provided in the summer prior to the start of school. It can also be located on this website at any point in the year. Children are asked to keep a ready supply of sharpened pencils and erasers on hand throughout the school year.
school news Newsletter Periodically,  I send home a classroom newsletter to let parents know what is happening in our classroom. I hope that each newsletter will provide families with a background of information to allow parents to effectively communicate with their child about school experiences. I also hope that this information will help parents to continue their child's education outside of our classroom walls.

cake Birthdays

Birthday Bear will spend the day seated at the birthday child's desk to help celebrate the occasion. Children may also bring in a non-edible treat for each classmate or donate a book or indoor recess activity to the class in honor of this special day.


 board Items to Share

We will study a variety of people, places and things through our Science and Social Studies units. If the children have any related items to share with the group, they are encouraged to bring them into our classroom. Items may stay as long as you wish--a day, a week, or the length of the unit.  Please label these items!