Classroom Information


kids Our day begins with morning meeting, which includes a morning message from Mrs. Moynihan and a greeting to all our friends.  We go to special at 9:30.  After our special, we continue the morning with our Language Arts block including  fundations, guided reading and literacy centers.  We go to lunch and recess from 12:15-1:15.  When we return from recess we do a few minutes of quiet reading.  In the afternoon, we will are engaged in Math and Writing Workshop and Science. 
Book Clubs
Families will have an opportunity to purchase books from Scholastic Book Club.  I will be sending order forms home approximately every month.  Participation is optional. Please return the order form with a check (no cash please) and I will send home the books you’ve ordered as soon as I receive them.  You may also order your books online. This is a great way to increase your child's library at a reasonable cost!
We will be having snack each morning upon arrival and again around 10:45.  Students are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack to eat.  I request that you only send in one snack (per time period) and a small drink as we only allot ten minutes for snack time. If your child purchases breakfast, they only need 1 snack please.
Lunch is scheduled daily at 12:15.  If you prepaid for your child’s lunch they will be using the finger scan system.  Be sure to tell your child that it is OK that they do not have actual “money”, as the school already has the money in a “school lunch bank”.
Beginning in October I will be sending home a reading bag 3-4 nights a week.  These are books your child has practiced at school and knows well.  Please read and record these on the log. It serves to reinforce concepts learned and helps the students become responsible. 
Reading At Home
Students are encouraged to read at home nightly.  SPlease try to read to your child often.
Monthly Newsletters
Near the beginning of each month I will be newsletter to update you on what we have been working on in the classroom.  I hope this will allow an opportunity for you to communicate with your child about their school experiences.
Parent Volunteers
I will be welcoming parent volunteers beginning in October, after myself and the students have gotten situated and into a routine.  I will put out a sign up sheet for this on curriculum night. A schedule will be sent home monthly.
Each child has been given, a daily take home folder.  I have placed large labels on these to help you remember that this comes home and is brought in every day.  This folder will be used for sending home corrected papers, parent notifications, and other paperwork.  If you have notes to send in please put them in your child’s folder to be sure that I get them when your child arrives at school.