Classroom Information
Birthdays - 


Birthdays are important to the children at Birch Grove School. As in the past students will not be allowed to bring cupcakes and other food to school on their birthdays. Please contact me if you would like to send in goodies bags, ect. We will celebrate summer birthday's in June!

Homework - 

  • Reading bags will be sent home nightly. Please read with your student every night, even if the reading bag is not sent home.  
  • Please practice sight words and fact fluency on a regular basis.


Lunch -


We eat during the second lunch period which runs from 11:35-12:55. Hot lunch is available every day for $2.65 and is described in the monthly menu sent home by the cafeteria. White, chocolate, and low-fat milk can be purchased for $.60. Please label your child's lunch money and send it in a bag, or envelope. 

Personal Belongings-

It is school policy that all toys and personal belongings be kept in backpacks during the day. Your child may, however, bring a book or toy for the bus ride to and from school. Please do not send toys such as MP3 players, hand-held computer games, or other expensive items as we would hate to see them get lost or broken.  Please label all items, especially snow gear!
* A note from the nurses: Cough drops and other medicinal items should not be sent to school unless a note for the school nurse accompanies them.
Absences -
Should your child be absent due to illness or extended vacations, missed class work will be collected and can either be picked up by a parent in the office or sent home with a sibling or neighbor. If that is not possible, a folder will be sent home with the missed classwork. Please complete the work and return it within a few days.
Book Clubs

    book order
Book club orders will go home monthly. If you choose to order books, please return the order form to school by the date listed. Remember to make checks out directly to Scholastic as they will not accept cash.           
Field Trips -

Permission slips and chaperone requests will be sent home with students at least one week prior to each outing. It is essential that permission slips be returned quickly since chaperones need to be chosen. If there are an abundance of chaperones for a trip, the students will draw names from a hat. We try to give everyone a chance to chaperone, but the maximum number allowed per trip is four. All field trip checks should be make out to BIRCH GROVE ACTIVITY FUND.


The morning begins with a class meeting where children greet each other, share special thoughts and get ready to start their day. The rest of our morning consists of Language Arts and Math activities, broken up by snack time to keep us alert and ready to learn.  Afternoon lessons focus on Language Arts, Science and Writing.

Snack -


Because our mornings are always busy, your child is encouraged to bring one light nutritious snack to be eaten each day at approximately 10:15 a.m.  Also, your child may bring to school each day a water bottle to be filled each morning and then emptied and returned each afternoon.