Classroom Information
kids The morning begins with a class meeting where children greet each other, share special thoughts and get ready to start their day.  The rest of our morning consists of Writer's Workshop, Specials, Sight Word Practice and Word Work. To keep us alert and ready to learn, we have snack at 10am.  The afternoon consists of more Language Arts (including Guided Reading Groups), Math, Science and Social Studies. 
Book Clubs
Book club orders will go home monthly. If you choose to order books, please return the order form to school by the date listed. Remember to make checks out directly to the book company as they will not accept cash. 
Snack time is usually around 10am.  Snacks should be quick, yet nutritious. Some great choices are cheese sticks and crackers, cut up fruit, yogurt with Cheerios or granola, veggie sticks or trail mixes.  Please do NOT send juice as juice spills are very hard to clean and make work areas sticky and wet.  The children are always allowed to get water from the drinking fountain, or they may bring in a water bottle. 
Children in my class will have a going home folder.  Please check your child's folder each night for notices, permission slips, and any other information that comes from me to you.  Also, please read all notes and messages that I write on your child's homework.  Sometimes children are asked to fix mistakes and return the page the next day.  I try to be very encouraging with the notes I write so the kids will know that I appreciate their hard work. Of course, if you need to contact me, please feel free to call me at school, leave me an email, or write me a note and send it with your child.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.   
Homework is an important part of our educational process.  It serves to reinforce concepts learned and helps the students become responsible. But I do not think that first graders need to spend hours each night working on it! I simply expect my students to read for 10 minutes a night, and practice their sight words and math facts for another 5 minutes each. 
Reading At Home
Stay tuned for more information on this from the reading department.
Parent Volunteers please I encourage parents to volunteer in my classroom!  I am happy to have your help on a regular basis, or just once in awhile.  I will put out a sign up sheet on curriculum night in September, and volunteers will begin in October. Please know that all classroom information is strictly confidential, and no part of our day, test scores, or student behaviors should be discussed with anyone at any time. If you have already gone through the volunteer screening and have been accepted, you do not need to complete the process again. If not, please check the BGP website for more information on how to become a Birch Grove volunteer!