Arrival 8:50
Children bring a folder to and from school each day that holds important papers and homework.   They put their folder and notes in baskets and sign in.  They put their second snacks in their snack crates.  They then eat morning snack.

Opening 8:55
Moment of Silence

Morning Meeting 9:05
The students sit in a circle on the carpet and greet each other with the greeting of the day which may include handshakes, a hello with a ball toss or other activity.  We discuss the day and any upcoming special events.  Our calendar helper and weather helper report for the day.

Literacy Lesson 9:15
The children have whole-group lessons on literacy topics, such as matching alphabet letters to sounds, reading three letter words, retelling stories, and making connections to the stories.  At this time, we also do Second Step lessons to learn about focus and attention, as well as being respectful and responsible.

Specials 9:30
The students have library, art, music and gym on a rotating basis.
Fundations 10:10
Students work on phonemic awareness skills, such as rhyming, identifying letters and sounds, learning about punctuation and capitals, and understanding story details.

Language Arts 10:55
The students have small group and individual reading rotations. There are teacher instructed as well as independent lessons during this block.  Guided reading groups meet during this block with the teacher. 
Lunch and Recess
12:15 - 1:15

Writer's Workshop 1:20
Students learn how to write in three genres: narrative, information, and opinion.  They practice drawing and writing in each of these genres.

Math 2:10
In this block, we continue with lessons and activities to learn new math concepts as well as working in our math journal to record what we have learned and practice concepts previously taught.  We also play math games that reinforce the concepts.

Bus Time 3:15  
The students clean their desks, get their folders and prepare to go home.