Students should be working on kindergarten skills up to 10 minutes per day, 2 days per week.  Listed below are some suggestions:

*Please read to your child daily or have your child read to you.  

*Special Show and Tell themes will be announced.  All children need to participate in Show and Tell.  Show and Tell is great way for your child to practice their oral language.  Please practice speaking in complete sentences at home.  

*Please review and go over concepts that we are working on in the classroom.

*Please practice and review capital and lower case letters as well as the initial sound for each.

*Please practice printing capital and lower case letter.

*Please practice printing numbers and number recognition 0-30.

*Math facts for fluency addition and subtraction 0-5.

*Please review kindergarten star words or vocabulary words that your child is working on.  Your child needs to be able to read, write and apply each words.