Classroom Information
Classroom Information

student Our day starts with a class meeting where we greet each other and find out what we will be doing for the day. We have lots of work centers that incorporate reading, writing, math, social studies and science activities. At mid-day we have a small snack. Some days we will have "specials" (art, music, gym, library and computers) 

Book Clubs
books order
Book club orders will go home monthly. If you choose to order books, please make checks out directly to the book company.


Birthdays are important in kindergarten. We would like to recognize your child's special day. Students will not be allowed to bring in cupcakes or any other food items on their birthday. Some alternatives for celebrating are: a special book to share, stickers, pencils, a special show and tell or a favorite music CD.

lunch & apple
Snack is only 15 minutes of our day. Please make sure your child has a small, healthy snack and drink that they can finish in that amount of time.

ed news
s. news
Folders will be sent home as needed but as least once a week.  I will be posting a weekly letter on the school web page to let parents know what we are doing in our class. This will include any upcoming events and any homework the students may have. There is a link on the top of the page to get the letter on the Internet. The letter will be posted on Tuesday afternoon. If you need to get in touch with me, you can send me an e-mail or a note with your child. I do not get to my voice mail everyday.

Students should be working on kindergarten skills for up to 10 minutes, two times a week.  Look in the weekly letter in the Homework Corner for help and ideas.

Parent Helpers
I invite all parents to come into the classroom.  We have a schedule of parent helpers that go home once a month.